at the beginning of the month, our own Jeremy Smith
told you
that Zachary Quinto was in talks to play Spock in Kirk & Spock:
The Early Years
, and now it’s looking more and more confirmed. According to E!
Online, Quinto’s contract is in the final stages of lawyering and shit, which
means the official announcement should hit during Comic Con, as we long

Quinto’s an interesting choice. First of all, he looks like Eli
Roth, which is disturbing. Second, he’s yet another guy who stinks on Heroes
that whole cast seems incapable of delivering a good performance, despite doing
well in other films and series. Although since I’ve never remembered Quinto
from any of his other 2 zillion TV appearances, I couldn’t say if his generally
awful turn as evil Sylar the brain eater on Heroes is just a function of that
show’s general aura of badness or something else. I wish JJ Abrams was casting this
thing with movie actors, though, I’ll tell you that much; his M:I3 was a big
long TV movie, and I’m hoping Star Trek gets to be at least a little bit

Watch for me on G4’s Attack of the Show tomorrow, live from
Comic Con, as I talk more about Mr. Abrams and Star Trek XI. I’m going to try
really hard not to say ‘twat.’ And remember that CHUD brought you this Spock news long before anyone else!