there’s been a good bit of anticipation for it, substantial looks at Wes
Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited has been hard to come by. We’ve gotten a
photo here and a poster there, but even the plot details aren’t fully
illuminated at this point (though word on the script is not good, it seems), and now that the trailer is finally here…they still

Don’t get
me wrong. I detest trailers that give the whole show away as much as the next
guy, and with Anderson
at the helm, I don’t think the narrative is going to be paramount anyway. But
if anyone asked me to describe this trailer or tell them what the film was about
based on it, my bestanswer would be “Well, it’s a Wes Anderson film.”
Pretty par for the course stuff all-around, featuring a bunch of small moments
with Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman cutting up amongst
themselves set to evocative indie music. But who expected anything different?

After the
amusing, but not especially resonant The Life Aquatic, I’m not sure what
to make of it, frankly. I love Wes Anderson’s style, but I hope this isn’t a
sign that the guy’s in a holding pattern, creatively speaking. We’ll find out
for sure when it hits theaters September 29. In the meantime, check out the trailer in crystal-clear
QuickTime by clicking here.