In my time slinging movie news and reviews in the internet blogosphere I’ve had the opportunity to meet some fine individuals. Of those individuals, my colleagues Bob Taylor (Cult Spark & CHUD), Stew Smith (Tyler Telegraph) and Terrence Aybar (Cult Spark) are truly top-tier. We’d been discussing collaborating for a long time but it wasn’t until recently that we finally got off our asses and did something about it.

These two podcasts, hosted by Mr. Taylor and his fabulous site, are the first results of said collaboration. We plan on putting these out every few weeks or so. But more than that, we just hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making them. The four of us are passionate about our movies, games and TV, but for entirely different reasons and with different voices. Please enjoy at your leisure:

Episode Two – Gene Hackman… Now in 3D!

The boys have it out over The Hobbit and discuss what films they’d like to see get the re-release treatment:

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Episode One – Hugging Up on the Blonde Guy

The gang talks Phase 2 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and the¬†likelihood¬†of The Dark Tower Series coming to the big screen:

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