It’s my understanding that back before The Transporter became a three-deep franchise of crazy stunts and bald mugging, Statham’s cameo in the beginning of Collateral was intended to be the first of many cameos for The Driver character in other films. The idea was that if the franchise didn’t take off on its own, he could be a character that popped in and out of other action movies, providing some fun connective tissue. I was under the impression that came from a commentary track or some other more substantive source than mere fan wanking, but regardless the source, it never worked out either way.

It’s a new day though, and now when we think “The Driver” we think Ryan Gosling and the anti-superhero he forged with Nicholas Winding Refn in last year’s awesome Drive. There’s been the requisite sequel talk coming from the principles of the film since its success, though with both Goslin and director Refn rather busy, it’s always seemed kind of unlikely no matter how much the novella author wants it. Now Refn outright states that a sequel simply isn’t in the cards. Lest my Transporter anecdote seem completely out of nowhere though, check out the rest of his sentence…

“[A sequel] is never going to happen. But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We’re playing with that idea. We’ll see what happens.”

So there you go. Imagine you’re watching (God willing) Crank 3 and up saunters Gosling in his bloody scorpion jacket to give Chev a five minute window. Or imagine shit starts getting really nasty in Taken 3, and the elevator doors open up to reveal The Driver –hammer in hand– ready to give the exhausted Brian a few moments of help. Neeson’s getting on in years you know…

That’s really it. Just fun “well see” winking from the director. I’d kind of love it if this actually turns into something and we don’t know it until we actually see the cameo happening in some unexpected movie.

Here’s hoping. Until then, we have Gosling and Refn back together for Only God Forgives to look forward to.


Source | Burnley Citizen via Indiewire