Warning: the following story may be 100% fake.

 Over on the ARG message board at unfiction.com, there’s a poster who claims to have seen…a poster. But no mere one-sheet, this. The image in question, hung for sale between Transformers and 30 Days of Night posters, features the Statue Of Liberty sans head, with (supposedly — there’s no photo evidence to back this part up) the date 1-18-08 at the bottom. The poster’s top edge features just the word Monstrous.

Someone, anyone, please tell me this isn’t Cloverfield‘s real title.

There are all sorts of reasons to believe that it’s not, most of which are so obvious they require no enumeration. Meanwhile, if this is the project’s way of announcing the title, bad as it is, I’ll continue my amusement with the viral marketing campaign.

You can see a couple other blurry cameraphone photos in the thread’s third post by clicking here.

Also, over at Bloody Disgusting, there’s a little video clip that supposedly represents ‘behind the scenes’ footage, though it’s mostly just people and military vehicles moving down a street. The poster, real or not, is actually a lot more interesting.