This should come as a spoiler to no one, but Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) dies at the end of James Cameron’s Titanic. It’s pretty anti-climatic all things considered. Jack secures Rose (Kate Winslet) on a drifting wall panel and then proceeds to just sort of “hang out for a while” as he idly freezes to death. His corpse now a fleshy blue Popsicle, Rose assures her frozen mate she’ll never let go. And then proceeds to do exactly that; flipping the ice-man off the panel as she drifts toward safety and a warm bed. Millions of teenage girls found this touching.

But did it have to be that way? As it turns out, no. Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters conducted their own James Cameron-endorsed investigation and came across this startling fact. Jack and Rose both could have survived on that floating piece of history:

I love Cameron’s reaction. Begrudgingly jovial on the outside but you know he’s just seething from within. “Who are these nincompoops and how dare they challenge the great James Cameron?” said James Cameron as he whisked himself away on his bio-diesel jetpack.