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We’ve had no shortage of RoboCop set pics on the site in the past few weeks. Today is no different with pictures that give us a look at Murphy’s gun. I can’t think of a better movie weapon than the original film’s Auto-9, finely tuned weapon of destruction that it was. The automatic handheld was distinct in its ability to unload its full 50 round clip into perps in under a minute’s time. Releasing from Murphy’s right leg holster, the pistol was science-fiction weaponry at its finest. And it’s a large part of what made Verenhoven’s RoboCop so dangerous. Everyone remembers the rat-tat-tat-rat-tat-tat of Murphy’s first target practice.

But what are we looking at here? It’s certainly not the Auto-9. In fact it looks more like a .357 magnum with what appears to be a rail on top. We also see Murphy using his “good hand” to dispense justice here, which is still a weird sight to wrap my head around. Does this mean he has the entire arm intact? They’re not bad shots and provide a glimpse of what OmniCorp’s finest looks like in action.

But seriously, Sony: It’s time to get in front of all these leaks in the form of a promotional image, teaser trailer, poster, ect. Put the character in a context other than pictures people take with their cellphone cameras:

Source: ScreenCrush