terms of the internet this is old news – it broke a couple of days ago – but I was out at junkets and reading Harry Potter all weekend (I’m still not done, but Jesus, Rowling is bloodthirsty this time out, huh?) so this tidbit slipped through my crack: Latino Review says that there’s a new Punisher in town, and he’s from Rome. Ray Stevenson, the guy who played Titus Pullo*in the latest of HBO’s ‘Hey, this show isn’t even half as good as all the fans would have you believe’ series, will be donning the skull for the sequel to Thomas Jane’s atrocious movie.

Aint It Cool broke the news a few months ago that Jane wouldn’t be back – this is actually good news for Jane, who seems to be interested in blowing his whole career on really shitty movies and Steve Niles comics (let’s hope The Mist is NOT a really shitty movie, and it has a major fighting chance to not be), although the guy was apparently deeply bummed out by it. I was surprised when the sequel kept moving along, since it often felt as though Jane’s determination was the only thing keeping it alive after the first Punisher rivaled the Dolph Lundgren one in sheer shitiness.

Let’s hope that this is the first step in the making of a Punisher movie that doesn’t find our hero having his proudest moment by moving a fire hydrant. I’d like to see some hyper-violent Punisher antics, thank you very much.

*This, to me, sounds like a misspelled chicken restaurant.