of the final pieces of Peter Jackson’s Lovely Bones has been aligned*: Stanley Tucci has joined the cast as the man who rapes and kills the film’s young protagonist, Susie. This, amazingly, is not a spoiler, as the whole movie is told from her point of view in Heaven as she looks down on her family.

Tucci will play George Harvey, a serial killer with a taste for pubescent girls. After murdering Susie, Harvey befriends the girl’s father in an attempt to get close to her sister, Lindsay. In Heaven Susie meets many of Harvey’s past victims, and pieces together a portrait of his fucked up life.

Tucci’s a great addition to any cast, and surely his hiring justifies the film’s 80 million dollar price tag. He must earn upwards of 30 mil a picture these days. Alternately, all that money could be going to a two reel long CGI-animated Susie rape and murder that will put the Kong versus T-Rex fight to shame! Or, as Jeremy has said in his Crop Report, it will be spent on seamless effects and period details. Oh Mr Beaks, you’re just so smart, aren’t you?

* That’s a chiropractor joke.