week Zack Snyder is going to announce the cast of Watchmen at Comic Con… but who’s going to be surprised? Over the last couple of weeks almost the whole cast has leaked (thanks in part to your friends at!), and now two more names have been added to the cast list. Here’s who we have so far:

Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach
Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl II
Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan
Thomas Jane (rumored) as the Comedian*

And now two more names have been added to the list: Latino Review tells us Malin Akerman will be Sally Jupiter and IESB tells us Matthew Goode will be Ozymandias.

These are names that don’t quite give me the rush I got from Haley, Wilson and Crudup; Akerman is probably best (or really only) known as the wife of Christopher Meloni’s Freakshow in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and the threesome girl from Entourage, while Good e is best known as the brother-in-law in Woody Allen’s Match Point. Goode is a fine actor, but not as obviously perfect for the role as the long-rumored Jude Law, while I don’t even know for sure that Akerman can act, may or may not be an issue, since Sally is an old lady for most of the film, and I’m assuming Akerman is only playing her in flashbacks.

While these names don’t get me all that excited, I trust in Snyder, and I don’t think he’d cast a stiff opposite Crudup and Wilson. At least I hope he wouldn’t. By keeping the cast filled with smaller names, Snyder is better able to keep within his frankly limited budget, since he knows that he and the comic are the real stars of this film.

I can’t wait to see what else gets announced at Comic Con, and there may be a little more news about the film hitting CHUD before I head off to San Diego. We’ll see. Keep checking.

*Forgive the fan casting, but I interviewed Ian McShane today and was reminded that he would make a KILLER older Comedian. Sadly, I don’t know how he would play the same character 20 years younger.