Looks like Marvel may already be casting new heroes for Joss Whedon’s¬†The Avengers 2, and word on the street is that the newest member may be high-powered lady Ms. Marvel.

Considering the film is set for May 1st, 2015, the film will definitely need to get rolling by the end of next year, so casting this far out is logical enough. Besides, you want to get your new heroine locked so she can have a post-credits walk on in Thor 2 or whatever. If it is indeed Ms. Marvel the studio is setting up, that means we’ll be reaching a new plateau of superheroism in the MCU. If you think about it, there’s not been a super-human quite like Ms. Marvel in the Avengersverse, as Thor has the excuse of being a “god” while Captain America is merely a heightened human, and The Hulk a giant green monster.

Ms. Marvel’s powers include flight, invulnerability, super strength, and a whole ton of other potential abilities she’s had at one point or another like a sixth sense, ability to control heat, and general mastery of cosmic forces like gravity and vacuums. While those cosmic abilities are not necessarily defaults for her, they sure would be useful in a fight against a cosmic baddie like Thanos…

The role is apparently heavily weighted in Emily Blunt’s favor, with the Looper-star in some competition with Ruth Wilson of The Lone Ranger and Anna Karenina. Blunt would make a fabulous addition to the Marvel universe from where I sit- she’s got a strong, tenacious charm that might bring some flavor to the¬†feminine side of the superhero team.

Like the idea that there might be franchise crossovers in store, this is all just rumor for now. Marvel has such a massive cycle of films in development and production now that the rumors of this kind are going to be pretty steady from here on out. Enjoy geeks!


Source | The Daily Mail