The likelihood that any principle creative involved with Prometheus had anything to do with the “journal entry” pulled from the film’s UK Special Features is scant at best, but it’s definitely clear that someone wanted to make a Blade Runner allusion and get the tubes riled up.

According to a reddit user, the following screenshot was pulled from the UK Steelbook blu-ray of Prometheus and, as you can see, it features a provocatively written journal entry from Peter Weyland- Guy Pearce’s character and the inventor of the Alien-universe’s androids.

It’s definitely a cool little wink, with the idea that Weyland was Eldon Tyrell’s mentor and that Weyland had a characteristically condescending view of his endeavors makes plenty of sense. The “pyramid” and “city of Angels” allusion is a little graceless, but it’s a cool easter egg nonetheless. Still this is about as thin of a shred of evidence as you could ever find to base any conspiracy theories of an impending franchise crossover on. Assuming Scott even approved this little flourish likely written by somebody in the DVD design team (and even that is stretching the bounds of likelihood), it’s still a merely a wink.

Obviously with Scott planning both a second Prometheus film and a new Blade Runner-universe film, there’s every chance he could push the two franchises into the same world in a substantive way. If that’s something that would excite you, then enjoy this as a spark to get your imagination rolling. Personally though, as much as I like Prometheus (and definitely feel it’s not gotten credit where some is due), Scott needs to be focusing a whole hell of a lot more on getting tight scripts, and not cutesy ways of unnecessarily bridging his universes.

 via JoBlo