am I so tingly about Iron Man? I don’t like the character all that much – I think the only Iron Man comics I have ever purchased were Civil War tie ins, and those are real recent. Even the much-vaunted alcoholism story, while interesting, never really floated my boat. But while the comic book Iron Man has little to entice me, Jon Favreau’s big screen adaptation has one of the best casts yet put in a comic book movie. And the idea of a guy in a suit of high-tech armor blasting baddies with repulsor beams just seems much cooler in real life than in a comic book.

Speaking of repulsor beams, we get our first look at that part of Iron Man’s weapons system in a new pic from Entertainment Weekly. It’s part of a Comic Con preview article, and as we all know, Iron Man will be making his presence felt at Con in a big, big way. Here’s hoping we’ll have more pictures and video for you next week.