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Few films currently in production would benefit more from some publicity stills than Sony’s RoboCop remake. Everything that’s bled out of production has come to us in the form set photos and a really heinous impression of the script. This is an almost universally loved movie Sony is remaking and releasing on August 9, 2013. The deck is getting somewhat stacked at this point.

Which brings us to yet another cluster of set photos from production. These pics give us our first glimpse of Abbie Cornish as Ellen, wife of Alex Murphy. They also offer an introduction of sorts to OmniCorp CEO Raymond Sellars, played by Michael Keaton. Honestly, these stills don’t tell us a whole lot – aside from confirming Joel “Cinnamon” Kinnaman’s boast that this would be a film that features a whole lot of Alex Murphy’s face. My take is the visor will be reserved strictly for battle mode in the film and what we see here is a more sociable, approachable Alex Murphy/RoboCop:



Source: Comic Book Movie via Collider