I’m right, I’m right. A couple of weeks back everybody ran pictures of Benicio Del Toro in a big beard, saying that was his look for The Wolf Man. I knew it wasn’t so, and I figured that was his ‘last days of Che Guevera’ beard. Turns out I was right, as Steven Soderbergh’s dual Che films, The Argentine and Guerilla, start shooting this Wednesday. And a new person has joined the cast: the very sexy Catalina Sandino Moreno, star of Maria Full of Grace. I wasn’t the biggest fan of that film, but she was quite good and, again for the record, so fucking hot.

There’s no word on who she’ll be playing, and what part of the Che story she’ll be appearing in, or which of the two films she’ll be in. Shooting on the movies goes for nine weeks; it’ll be exciting to see what Soderbergh comes up with after a couple of years that have been less than exciting.