back in 2005:

Q: Are there any dream roles that you’re looking at? Knocked Up could be opening a whole new world to you.

Rogen: Any superhero in any capacity. I would be Namor.

Q: You would want to wear those Speedos?

Rogen: I would be anyone. If they’re in a comic book, I would be them.

Sure The Green Hornet started as a radio character, but he had his own comic book, and besides, why split hairs when the news is that Seth Rogen finally gets to be a superhero?

First things first: you may be wondering how Seth Rogen as a superhero could ever work, but once you see Pineapple Express, which features Rogen in full out battle against Gary Cole, you’ll start to understand. Of course it’s likely that his take on The Green Hornet will be a little more comedic; after all, he’s writing it with Evan Goldberg, his scripting wingman on Pineapple Express. And that’s not even taking into account Rogen’s whole persona, or the idea of him in a superhero costume.

This is a major departure from the long development process The Green Hornet has undergone; even when he was set to direct it, Kevin Smith wasn’t going to star as the hero, and would have made a more traditional film. And over the years George Clooney and Jake Gyllenhaal have been attached. Sometimes major departures are the best kind, and as far as I’m concerned, Rogen and Goldberg can do no wrong. Now let’s see who they cast as Kato…