With his days under the cowl behind him, Christian Bale’s lining up provocative projects one after the other. He has two Terrence Malick films upcoming (one being Knight of Cups and the other still untitled) as well as Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnace. Now comes news that Bale will also being reuniting with the filmmaker who directed him to an Oscar in the form of David O. Russell’s, not joking, American Bullshit.

Granted, it’s a working title, but one that I sincerely hope sticks. According to Variety, the film has Bale playing a con artist who’s strong-armed into helping a rogue federal agent bring down other criminals. Based on a true story, Bale will be joined by Bradley Cooper as the federal agent and Amy Adams as the con artist’s mistress. In addition to directing, Russell is also nurturing the script with writing-partner Eric Warren Singer.

I thought Bale was excellent in The Fighter and am stoked to see him working with Russell again. These are two artists I hope are never fucking done professionally, mate. Seriously.

Source: Variety via Slashfilm