Rian Johnson is a film devotee and an advocate of the pure theatrical filmgoing experience- so much so that if you care to pay for a second go-round with Looper in theaters, he’d like to join you.

Following up with a something he also did for Brother Bloom, the director has put out a free MP3 commentary track for download that he encourages you to (as inconspicuously as possible) listen to while watching Looper for a second (third, fourth) time at the cinema. It’s a sharp way of getting hardcore fans back out there on that second weekend, but it’s also empowering a very unique cinematic experience.

Johnson notes that his commentary will be more specific and technical than what you’ll find on the DVD/Blu, but obviously you can replicate this whole experience at home if you’re going to make the mistake of seeing Taken 2 this weekend or something.

You can download the track here.

I think I’ll be giving this a shot this weekend. How about you?