What an oddly cut trailer this is. It’s hard to pin down what’s different about the Not Fade Away trailer, but it’s so leisurely and straightforward. There’s not the breakneck sense of DRAMA and STUFF and THINGS that even most indie trailers focus on- the story here is so familiar that we’re really just seeing beats and getting ideas of characters (and a Rolling Stones song, of course!). I even wonder if a lot of people are just going to think this is a Dylan biopic, ultimately.

Obviously there’s a big credit for David Chase “Creator of The Sopranos” which is paid off by James Gandolfini working well within his wheelhouse as John Magaro’s father, who seems like Tony if he’d never made a dime.

A few have seen the film and the buzz is good, though as I mentioned when I put up the poster, the big debut happens tomorrow.

via A/V Club