Last night JJ Abrams appeared on Conan to chat with the tall-ass Irishman, and in the process revealed that Paramount had begrudingly given him the blessing to reveal three frames of next year’s Star Trek Into Darkness. Obviously this is as much a joke as anything but, as Conan jokes, much freeze-framing and dissection will ensue regardless.

There’s really really not much to the shot, but it’s of Spock “in a volcano in this crazy suit.” There’s fire and stuff!

Really, the value is in the presentation of the clip, which is pretty hilarious (I love the screeching sound).

Still, for you Trekkies I still managed to grab the still so you can take a look at pixely fire and s space suit silhouette.


There are some theorizing we’ll get some kind of teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness with Skyfall, but I’m not sure if that’s actually based on something or merely ass-pulled. JJ’s secret box is still quite active, so if there is a teaser, I’d assume it will be quite oblique.