Note: Look above for your first tease at what the logo will be like in the very near future…

So you know we do a podcast. I think. I hope you know.

Hey, we do a podcast here. It’s usually a little over an hour, comes out once or twice a month [except when it doesn’t], and basically is a few of us trying to make each other laugh. Some of you folks get it. Others don’t. Some of you are baffled. Sometimes we talk about movies on the show. The folks that do like it seem to really like it and to those people we say "you are correct".

We’re celebrating the completion of our second year of doing the show by compiling our favorite and your favorite bits from twenty-plus podcasts (over 24 hours of "content") for a "BEST OF" CD that hopefully encapsulates what the value of this little thing is. You’ll hear about Futterman’s Peanut Butter, learn about Ted Levine’s run for office, and find out what the actor who played Mola Ram is up to.

Listeners have started compiling lists of their favorite bits right here on our message boards, and we encourage you to do so as well. I want us to make this a really fun 80 minutes of material, something we can lure new listeners in with as well as give us a tangible item to hand to folks we meet as a sampling of what’s show’s niche is.

If you could, subscribe to the CHUD Show through Itunes and have a listen or download a few tracks here at Podcast Alley. Let us know what stuf represents the show well. If you hate what you hear, listen 1,000 more times in a row.

Hope you dig it, and just so you know… we’re far from done. Expect a new Podcast a week from Monday. If you aren’t a member of our message boards, let us know what segments we need to keep via email through THIS LINK.