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# 77 – The Beast Within

With his head out of the picture, Larry was able to focus on the stuff that really mattered in life, like flailing around and shitting himself.

The Beast Within:

Probably my favorite flick featuring a lady getting raped by the beast within, this little gem features more bladder effects than an airport restroom. In the scene that gets our attention, a lecherous man (and bald to boot!) hides in a prison cell to hide from the titular internal terror. You say to me, ‘Nick, a prison cell’s pretty safe, right?’. I say ‘NO’, because our favorite Paul Clemens character moseys up to the wall and rips through it and pulls the cowardly gentleman’s baldness right through the friggin’ wall, leaving only a confused and mostly useless torso and limbs left to ponder the remaining 2 seconds of its future. Great! (N.N.)


TOMORROW: #76 (Hint: Hounsou & Metal.)