for a little ‘Germ warfare?

So is Tom Cruise as it appears, for as you see before you he makes for an attractive soldier for the Bryan Singer/Chris McQuarrie joint Valkyrie. The vibe here at for this film is murky (as evidenced in previous stories such as this and this) but it is nice to see Cruise doing something a little off the path this time around. Were it a Tony Scott flick it’d probably be pitched as "Top Gun in a Holocaust", but Singer’s a terrific filmmaker when not making Superman Returns and I hold out hope that this will be something that isn’t a lowest common denominator Zwick-alike.

Rope of Silicon [not affiliated with Joan Chandler’s boob job] ran the first snap from the film as well as a side view of Tom Cruise’s hairstyle from the film, a cut my local barber calls "The Jew Hammer". Click the link to see them and then print out the page and take it to SuperCuts, where I’ll be getting dolled up for the Fourth Reich.

Before reading Beaks’ Crop Report on the film I was a little excited about the prospect, perhaps seeing Cruise excel in another role that’s darker that the All-American stuff that enabled him to rent Katie Holmes but I now doubt such a thing will happen.

Of course in the film Tom’s going to be a good guy of sorts, out to dispatch the ruler with the cyclop’s ballsack. No one wants to see him Goosestepping all over our values.

But I do think these folks are gifted enough to make an entertaining film out of this idea and judging from the picture I’m pretty ready to buy the idea of Mr. Cruise as a German soldier. I’m sure Singer knowns how to use forced perspective and whatnot.