Sometimes you may find yourself aware and shocked out of the blue (get it?) that yes, Arrested Development is indeed returning with all the principles and creatives involved. It’s a “pinch me, lest I be dreaming” scenario, even if a healthy dose of anxiety comes with it on the off chance they blow it. It may strike you while you’re toileting, or while driving home from work, or while you pick fruits in your favorite orchard, but each time excitement grows just a little bit when you assure yourself that it’s true.

In any event, every little reminder that this is all –as I’m known more and more for saying — a thing, brings a special kind of warmth to one’s stomach, and this new cast pic (from the next issue of EW) is the best thing to do so yet. Take a look…

Awesome. There they all are, from Tambor A to Bateman Z. There’s also the full cover tableau, which is just as amazing.


By the way, there’s a contest going on right now that could win you a walk-on role in the new season, set to debut via Netflix in the spring.

You can see the intro video from Cera below, and find more info here.