Fear not nerds, your time of combing set pics for plot details is almost at an end! Yahoo! Movies reports that we’ll get our first look at a live action Iron Man 3 when the trailer officially debuts on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Being a Marvel film affords you a certain amount of anticipation these days, but the real reason to get excited is Iron Man 3‘s status as a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang reunion – pairing director Shane Black with actor Robert Downey Jr. for the first time since 2005.  Despite having written beloved works like Lethal Weapon, Monster Squad and The Last Boy Scout, Iron Man 3 marks only the second time Black’s sat in the director’s chair. As Bang Bang is one of the best films of the last ten years, I’m anxious to see how Black follows it up. He certainly couldn’t have picked a more high-profile project.

There’s a supposed synopsis of the trailer making the rounds, but its veracity has already been called into question. Some footage already screened at an Avengers Blu-Ray event in the UK. But it’s unconfirmed what if any of said footage will make it into what we’ll see on the 23rd. Consider me among those very excited to get a look at this thing – an anticipation that has nothing to do with this being Marvel film and everything to do with who’s directing it.