It’s great to see Bob Zemeckis back directing live-action cinema again. The Back to the Future director has been trying to make a splash in mo-cap feature films to no effect – having terrified young children with the wooden Polar Express. 2009 saw the director make headway with A Christmas Carol, but after the universally-rejected Mars Needs Moms (which he executive produced) one gets the sense the filmmaker decided to walk away from the table for a while. With Flight, Zemeckis revisits something his last live action film (2000’s Cast Away) touched on as well – plane crashes.

Or, in Flight‘s case, the lack of a plane crash. Denzel Washington’s Captain William Whitaker is hailed as a hero when he navigates a falling plane to safety. But the matter of there being alcohol in Whitaker’s system at the time of the incident threatens to put him in jail for life. With his trusted volleyball (Christopher Lloyd) by his side, Whitaker prepares to face his accusers. Or perhaps I’m confusing my references.

Flight premieres at NYFF on October 14th and goes wide on November 2nd:

Source: Coming Soon