I’m not entirely sure what to expect from David Chase’s long-brewing film that will mark his first creative release since the Sopranos ended in 2007, but I’m definitely eager to hear the buzz on Not Fade Away after it debuts at NYFF on Saturday. There’s definitely a lot of subtle expectations here- no one wants the television genius’ first feature (something he’s been working towards for decades) to be a merely decent drama…

The film has some great HBO alum like James Gandolfini and Jack Huston involved while star John Magaro┬áleads a film that is apparently a very Chase-appropriate story of domestic struggle, anti-romance, and dreams that are unlikely to pay off. Frankly I’m almost frightened by how Chase might treat a story of naive, youthful aspiration and lostness, considering the streak of American Dream pessimism running through his masterpiece series.

In any event, the poster definitely sets that romantic tone, and no doubt Chase will pay that off with a lush, realistic period piece with a perfectly tuned soundtrack to back it. Again, we’ll know more Saturday.

Source | Rolling Stone