I don’t even know what to write about these damn things anymore. Statham action vehicle have become so dime-a-dozen that it’s really just a matter of seeing each individual one to find out if that particular director or script managed anything interesting. I didn’t see Safe, but I understand it to be a little more fun and competently violent than Killer Elite, but honestly it’s all a blur beyond that. Taylor Hackford has made some interesting movies but if there’s much unique personality to this film, I’m not seeing it yet.

For this one Statham is appropriating an established book franchise, but you wouldn’t really know it- nothing about this trailer (and I’m going from the buzz of book fans here) apparently screams “Parker!” as far as the literary series goes. From my completely uninformed perspective the film reads like an action movie version of Fletch, except that Statham shows up in a disguise that is immediately seen through and his instant response is kicked face.

This is a late January 2013 joint, and it features Michael Chiklis, Nick Nolte, and Jennifer Lopez in what the trailer telegraphs to be one of the most transparently objectified action flick arm-candy roles I’ve seen in a while.