Wow, I had no idea Movie 43 was a film to be expecting, and yet here it is with a trailer that promises a star-crammed anthology comedy in a style like we haven’t seen much since the Kentucky Fried Movie and Groove Tube days.

A glossy collection of a ton of shorts from people as awesome as Mike Judge and James Gunn and Bob Oedenkirk  along with more iffy choices like Brett Ratner, this movie also features a cast roster that’s just nuts…

Halle Berry
Elizabeth Banks
Emma Stone
Kristen Bell
Anna Faris
Leslie Bibb
Jimmy Bennett
Kate Bosworth as Arlene
Gerard Butler as Shaun
Kieran Culkin
Aasif Mandvi as Asif
Josh Duhamel
Richard Gere as Boss
Terrence Howard
Hugh Jackman
Johnny Knoxville
Beth Littleford
Justin Long
Stephen Merchant
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Chloë Grace Moretz
Liev Schreiber
Tony Shalhoub
Uma Thurman
Patrick Warburton
Naomi Watts
Seann William Scott
Kate Winslet
Jason Sudeikis
John Hodgman
Jack McBrayer
Jeremy Allen White
Christina Linhardt
Chris Pratt
Martin Klebba
Bobby Cannavale

And what’s even better, is that the trailer is great! Funny, raunchy and diverse, the shorts look like they cover a lot of different ground and go to some genuinely weird or original places. I love the absurdity of the home-schooling setup especially (which will probably turn out to be Ratner’s contribution, I’ll wager), and even more excited to see faces like Kieran Culkan, Emma Stone, and even Terrence Howard being genuinely funny! Take a look…

The film hits theaters on January 25th, 2012, and if they actually put a solid push behind it, I could see it doing very well.

We seem to be in the very beginning of an anthology resurgence, with V/H/S gaining decent traction among horror fans and The ABCs Of Death about to deliver some spectacularly crazy shit to audience in theaters and on VOD soon. I’m glad other genres are getting the treatment though, and that it’s giving some great filmmakers who don’t work enough a little opportunity to get something made.


via Indiewire