never saw Ace Ventura 2 because the first one was so awful, so inept and so unfunny that viewing it almost turned me into the kind of brain-dead motard that makes up the film’s target audience. That there are enough people who lack enough of a properly formed sense of humor to have turned these films into major hits shouldn’t surprise me, but I have always been impressed with Jim Carrey’s refusal to come back for more. In many ways he was throwing himself on that grenade, saving us from yet more mildly Downsian antics.

But the movie business doesn’t give up that easily. Nor does it learn any lessons: despite the grinding Carrey-less horrors of Son of the Mask and Dumb and Dumberer, Morgan Creek is going ahead with a third Ventura film without Jim Carrey. And just in case this didn’t sound like a bad enough idea on the surface, the film will feature Josh Flitter as the son of Ace. You probably haven’t bothered to go see Josh in his two currently playing pieces of shit, License to Wed and Nancy Drew, but you might recognize him as the annoying fat kid from the commercials for both. He’s the sort of precocious young actor who is well on his way to a E! True Hollywood Story, since his career will likely fall to pieces in just a few short years when puberty changes him from adorably fat to greasily, pimply and ugly fat.

Moviehole has the director of Ace Ventura 3, David Mickey Evans, talking about why he hates his career and the moviegoing audience enough to make this film, so click here and see what goodies Clint got from him.