Trailer compilations. Gotta love ‘em. Synapse has about 6 different (and awesome) trailer compilations under their “42nd Street Forever” line. Including one put together by programmers from The Alamo Drafthouse. I’ve had the luxury of seeing a few of the trailers that are included on their dvd at the Drafthouse in San Antonio. Including a ratings intro done by CHARLTON HESTON!

It seems that they’ve decided to put together their own trailer compilation and have dubbed it TRAILER WARS.

Here’s the…trailer for it. Only thing I recognized was the Maniac Cop himself, Matt Cordell. Chime in the comments or in the message board if you recognize anything else. This trailer is also NSFW, so beware.

There will be a short theatrical run of it in December, and on December 18th, it will be released by Alamo Drafthouse Films, their film distribution arm on dvd and Blu-ray. I’ll definitely be picking it up, and if you’re a fan of weird exploitation cinema, you should check it out too.

source: Bloody-Disgusting