Hathaway has been remarkable not just for her luscious, luscious rack but also the fact that unlike most other starlets in her age bracket she’s been free of scandal and controversy*. So that means she won’t be drawing from personal experience when playing a woman who has just gotten out of rehab in a new Jonathan Demme movie, Dancing With Sheba, shooting this fall.

Says Hathaway: ‘I play an ex-model who’s been in and out of rehab for 10 years and has just come out of a 8 months stay so she’s really serious about it this time, and she arrives home on the weekend of her sister’s wedding.’

The sister is not yet cast, but Debra Winger is playing her mother. I just realized this will be Demme’s first narrative feature since 2004’s The Manchurian Candidate and his first non-remake narrative feature since Beloved in 1998! Let’s hope it’s his first really good movie since Silence of the Lambs (if it’s really good it’ll pretty much have to be).

*unless all the ‘she’s gay’ talk is true, in which case the scandal and controversy are possibly looming ahead of her. Especially if she was doing it with Weiner-dog from Welcome to the Dollhouse.