destroyed me.

More than a lot of my favorite comedies of all time, so I’m hoping that after a second viewing I can hone its place in history down to where it ranks all-time for me. If you aren’t aware about the film, you probably don’t read this site so I’ll give you a little head’s up:

Very R-Rated teen comedy. Written by Seth Rogan and featuring a ton of members of the Judd Apatow gang + Arrested Development’s Michael Cera. A must-see. No joke.

That’s enough.

There is a Q&A screening here in Atlanta tomorrow, one which features four of the leads in the film, a post-film fest that aspires to be just as nutty. I have tickets for folks to print, but this isn’t a screening. Just a really great opportunity to see a really brilliant film way ahead of the rest of the nation.

If you are able to be at the theater by 6:45/7:00pm tomorrow and are the right audience for this film and not just someone who wants something because it’s free and/or early, pop me an email at this link and tell me you can make it and tell me your name.

Also, after the film this image below will have even more significance to you: