I just last night caught up with the last two episodes of Boardwalk Empire, so you can look for a S3E3 review tonight, or maybe early tomorrow. I am happy to say that I’ve loved the episodes so far this season, and the second week’s “Spaghetti And Coffee” is absolutely one of my favorite episodes that doesn’t involve a major plot shift of some kind.

So with that in mind I’m happy to say the show has been renewed for a 4th season, as its ratings have steadily hovered above 2.5 since it premiered, the new season seems to be carrying some decent momentum from the season two finale, and it’s a surefire Emmy-winner every year.

It appears Boardwalk Empire is set to become a new HBO institution, and as long as Winter, Van Patten and the rest are operating on the sophisticated level they have been so far, I’m all about it.


Source | Variety