I don’t wan’t to get too deep in praising Holy Motors before I’ve fully worked out my review, but suffice to say this is a poster you should check out as it’s selling one of the most interesting films of the year. While you might get a kind of Enter The Void, Gaspar Noë vibe from this, Holy Motors is a much more accessible  film than that, and it’s a warmer, sadder, and more joyous experience as well. It’s not a traditionally narrative film (and like Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is centered around a sometimes surreal limo drive!), rather it’s an examination of the artifice of acting, cinema, and life. It’s one I think most chewers will get a great deal of satisfaction from.

Keep an eye out for the film playing anywhere near you, as it is an absolutely unmissable theatrical experience. Also, keep the other eye out for my review with many more thoughts on the film.

Source | Hitfix