I’m only posting this because I feel obliged to give folks who are actively excited over Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight their 307th glimpse of Heath Ledger as The Joker. Little has changed since our first impression; he still looks vaguely like the The Crow, and we still haven’t heard him say a fucking word.

But have you seen The Joker riding in a semi-truck trailer?

I thought not.

The other big chunk of news regarding The Dark Knight – which will be hitting theaters almost a year from today on July 18th – is that the teaser will premiere on July 27th before The Simpsons and at Comic Con during Warner Brothers’ Friday morning presentation at Hall H (make sure you’re in line by, oh, 6:00 AM ‘cuz the word is out that Watchmen is going to be rolling out the goods). Since the appearance of The Joker has been pretty well spoiled by now, I suppose the smart thing to do would be to have him talk. But I wouldn’t count on it. Warner Brothers displayed little interest in giving the geeks what they wanted back in 2004 when they came to Comic Con with a video of a tired looking Chris Nolan and Christian Bale addressing the camera (and the fans) like it was the biggest pain in the ass of their day – which it probably was. Maybe they’ll show a little more since this teaser is going out nationwide. Or maybe, in lieu of footage, they’ll apologize for the shoddy third act of Batman Begins. That’d be fine by me.

What, you thought Devin had exclusive CHUD rights to bashing Batman Begins?