Damn me, but I still get excited at the prospect of more X-Files material, whether it be film or show or homosexual fanfic. Speaking of, Home was loosely based on my childhood.

David Duchovny has been talking to folks about the possibility of the film again, this time claiming that a script is going to wind up in his Vomints

creating hands next week. I’m going to assume that just because Chris Carter has written a script it doesn’t mean that there’ll be a budget and guaranteed production to follow. My personal experience tells me that people in suits are just waiting to fuck things up. Then again, I’ve been told to "Believe" so I shall. Apparently Carter has a non-mythology based flick script ready to send out and Gillian Anderson and Duchovny are on board. I hope Mitch Pileggi is able to come back, because his seething bald sleekness is a must.

A lot of folks have moved on from this show, bouyed more by Heroes, Battlestar Galactica or Lost or the afterglow of Buffy. Or they watch the Stargate shows and I have no sympathy for them.

The X-Files still matters to me. For all the bad episodes and final few seasons, it still works for me and I find myself engrossed in old episodes when I channel surf. I really liked the movie and was astounded when I watched it again recently how solid it is and how Rob Bowman is still an untapped resourse of muscular action movie chops. So, color me hopeful that this isn’t just more hot air.

It’s a shame Peter Boyle’s outta town, ’cause I’d have liked to have seen ol’ Clyde one more time.