’s no question whether there will be a sequel to Transformers; the real query is what it will be about*. If the guy who does the voice of Bumblebee (ie, delivers one line in the film) is right, the plot of the sequel is being set up in a special feature on the Transformers DVD release.

Mark Ryan tells SKNR (no clue): ‘I recently recorded more material for the DVD release of the film. It has to do with the Prequel that will set up the second film.’

So there’s some pre-voicebox damage Bumblebee stuff on the DVD… but is it set on Cybertron, on Earth or another planet altogether? Will we see Bumblebee take that damage? And will we meet a new enemy who will show up next film? Maybe… Galvatron? I find it hard to care about the specifics, as long as it’s loud and filled with explosions.

*Well, besides big-ass robots whomping the shit out of each other.