’s a rumor going around about Pixar’s upcoming slate – could the animation studio be putting out two sequels in a row? According to a Pixar blog*, Cars 2 will be released the year after Toy Story 3. This could possibly push John Carter of Mars back another year, to 2012.

According to the site, Paul Newman, when announcing his retirement, mentioned a Cars 2, and no one ever shot the rumor down. Could the actor have already done some voicework for the upcoming movie? Now the blog claims to have a reliable inside source telling them that this is a done deal.

Personally, I found Cars to be my least favorite Pixar film to date, so I’m not chomping at the bit for a new adventure with these characters that I found to be quite a bit dull. The movie made a bunch of money, though (as always – even the Pixar ‘disappointments’ are big earners), so I wouldn’t dismiss this rumor out of hand.

*Beats me if they’re reliable, so grain of salt time