So, I skipped seeing Frankenweenie at Fantastic Fest in lieu of catching a smaller, potentially more interesting film or two, because fuck Tim Burton and that’s what a good film geek should do, no? Come to find out at the end of the night, most everyone enjoyed Tim Burton’s animation much much more than I enjoyed my ponderous, clunky indie flicks. Go figure.

In any event, with buzz much higher in critical circles that one might expect, if not universally adored, your interest level might too be up a little bit from your numb, Burton standard “fuck it” level that I shared. Props then to the marketing department at Disney, because I think these posters alone are enough to crank your interest up a notch- it certainly did for me.


A super old school set of throwbacks, they represent the same balance of cheeky humor, Burtony design, and reverence for classic films that I’m told the film manages just as well. I was looking for a decent couple of reference images to toss in the piece and ran across an entire¬†Creature Feature pinterest board of all things, so check that out to enjoy some old school one-sheet goodness.

I’m not going to be breaking down the door on Friday or anything, but I’ll definitely be catching the 3D stop-motion comedy sometime soon after its release on October 5th.


via Total Film