been giving you lots of news lately on Jim Carrey, and most it has been bad as
the guy has been struggling to get his film career back on the superstar track.
Projects are falling through left and right, and those that he’s actually
gotten into production…well, you know the deal. Still, I wish no harm to the
guy’s livelihood. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is worth several crap
comedies and treacly family films to me, and though he seems to have forgotten
the address and phone number of Funny, I think he still can contribute to
comedies given that he’s paired with a sharp writer and director.

Well, we’re
halfway there as Carrey has landed Peyton Reed to helm his latest film, Yes
. It’s one of them thar high-concept comedies like Liar,
(uh oh) where Carrey would play a man who decides to change his
life by saying yes to anything that comes his way. It’s based on an actual
memoir, and this idea led the real-life guy to a life of fortune and high
adventure. Well, he won $45,000 and did some traveling. Close enough, fuckers.

enough, acting would be one of the professions in which this ideal would be suicidal,
hence The Number 23, Fun with Dick and Jane, and Bruce
. So, Carrey’s perfect for the part! I’m much more interested
in Reed’s involvement as I would really like to see the guy get a film out a little
more regularly than every three years or so. I know a lot of people weren’t
feeling The Break-Up, but he still strikes me as one of the more
distinctive romcom directors working today, and that’s a genre desperately in
need of freshness. There’s a romance in Yes Man too, so Reed should be in
his element.