Walden.I know they’re for kids, but I’ve got nothing left. Nothing. I’m weak from the continual onslaught of flimsy YA fiction adaptations being optioned, filmed, trailered and jammed into theaters under the marketing-centric trappings of "beloved" and "magical". And yet- here comes Savvy.

You may have already guessed the production company (Walden). You inevitably know the premise (Fantastical! Childrenical!). Nevertheless, here’s the breakdown.

Savvy, a Young Adult novel from writer Ingrid law set to be published NEXT year, follows a magical family where turning 13 means not only a sudden interest in getting laid the rest of your life, but also bestowal of supernatural powers, which come to think of it, could still assist in that whole getting laid the rest of your life thing. Of course, this is Walden YA material, so that ain’t happening. No, supernatural powers like rain control and wind gusting will be used as a backdrop for rumination on coming of age when the young heroine is impacted by a tragic accident just shy of the big one-three.

And that’s about it. There’s no word on any production schedule, seeing as how the book won’t be released until next year. Depending on response, those dying to know when Savvy will hit theaters will probably have to wait until then or longer.