may have noticed that I’ve been more or less absent from the site for the last couple of days. That’s because I’ve been balls-deep in my California move; now I’m coming at you from a laptop in a coffee shop in Long Beach, getting ready for the next phase, which is actually going to my new place in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, and moving in.

“Do you feel like you’ve sold out yet?” Jeremy asked me when I called him last night after landing. The truth is that I’ve felt like a sell-out for a while, from when I decided to leave New York to when I got my hair cut yesterday to when the plane’s wheels left the tarmac. It’s beautiful, sunny and laid back out here, and that just ain’t me at all.

A lot of people have asked why I’m making the move, but there’s no one real reason. I’m here because so many of my friends have headed out here over the last few years, but I’m also here because I needed to get the hell out of New York – as someone who was born and raised there, I have to leave every couple of years to remember why I love it so much. I’m also here for CHUD reasons – the next step in my evolution as full-time CHUD jackass is being near to where all the movie shit is really happening, so that I can try to get more info and better access to bring you guys better content.

So this is just a quick check-in to let you guys know where I’ve been, and to let you know that I’m coming back very soon (probably today, depending on how long this shitty laptop holds out for me). I’m going to try to not become too LA while I’m out here (but I’m already an inveterate name-dropper, so how much worse could I get?), and I’m going to work closer with that other full-time CHUD jackass, Jeremy, to make this site about as great as it has ever been, even if that means us taking pictures of ourselves naked with body paint making us look like the Watchmen characters (this was one of Jeremy’s early site concepts. We haven’t ruled it out).