today and maybe today only, I’m going to stow the negative attitude and say something nice about Indiana Jones 4: it’s pretty goddamn cool to see the world’s toughest professor shooting us the ol’ constipated glare for the first time in eighteen years. And while I don’t know for sure what’s got his attention in this particular shot, it can’t be anything good (perhaps it’s aliens, the Ark of the Covenant or Willie Scott’s one-woman rendition of "Fugue for Tinhorns"). Tell me you can’t hear the swell of John Williams’s score as the camera pushes in on our hero.

There’s not a whole lot to say here, but, judging from the emails, I owe you Indy fans the opportunity to revel in a moment many thought would never arrive. So enjoy this video. Savor that shot of Ford squinting through that gold-hued smoke. Enjoy the isolated close-ups of the jacket, the fedora and the whip. And don’t expect me to get this weak-kneed over twenty seconds of behind the scenes footage ever again.

We’re still a long way from May 22, 2008. There’s plenty of time to flip-flop and decide this isn’t a terrible idea, right?.