Ben Affleck is firmly establishing himself as the Skynet of Hollywood’s elite. It’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly he became self-aware, but from then on he’s experienced the sort of career resurgence Jan-Michael Vincent dreams of in his urine-soaked bed at night.

In an interview with MTV Affleck reveals that not only was he offered the chance to reprise his role as Matt Murdock in the proposed Daredevil reboot at Fox, he roundly turned it down:

“It was a drag, but I did love it as a kid, and they’re rebooting it. I got contacted about it, and I was like, ‘That wouldn’t be a reboot [if I was involved],’ but I really hope they do a good job, because that’s a great property and deserves something really, really good,” he continued, adding that we shouldn’t cross his name off any prospective superhero movie lists just yet.

By all accounts, especially his own words, Affleck had a really awful time making the really awful Daredevil. The above quote is essentially referring to vapor film right now, as Marvel gains the rights back from Fox in little under 10 days. It’s been rumored for a while now that Warner Bros. wants to keep Affleck in-house on all future projects. So even though the chances were always going to be slim, it’s interesting to wonder what an artistically revitalized Affleck could have brought to Daredevil‘s table.

My guess? An insistence on less nu-metal.