Man, filming underwater looks justĀ exhausting.

The new production blog from the completed 007 shoot has been released, and it takes a look at everything that went into filming the underwater sequences of Skyfall. It’s unclear how extensive the scene is, but even for just a beat of of a fight scene an intense amount of prep, rehearsal, and technology go into making it happen. The permanent studio pool in which they film is impressive as are the cameras, the speakers, and the technicians running everything.

You hear mostly from underwater D.P. Mike Valentine and no so much Craig himself, but you can tell the actor is busting his ass and earning his paycheck on this particular shoot day. We’ve already seen from the trailers that these underwater bits turned out as gorgeous as the rest of the film, but I can’t wait to seem them in full length.

We’re a little over a month out now from the film’s November 9th US release.

via Collider