Poked!I’ve got Neil(l) on the brain today. First up was Neill Blompkamp- the Halo director who never was (but might yet be), thrust back into consciousness thanks to Microsoft’s E3 live-action Halo 3 trailer Arms Race (view it here). A few short hours later, I’m thinking about the other Neil (Marshall of Dog Soldiers and The Descent fame) thanks to a new publicity still for his upcoming Doomsday.

Like a fair share of our readers, I enjoyed both Dog Soldiers and The Descent.
Dog Soldiers because Western nations need more lanky, grease painted guys with hair bikinis and wolf masks creeping around on shaggy stilts (except on America’s Got Talent– That’s just stupid). The Descent because near teabagging by blind, cave dwelling albinos is also on the shortlist of what the West needs more of.

As Russ’ late April article on Doomsday casting news pointed out, (read up here if you missed it) , Neil’s current project is moving along nicely- nicely enough that a few months later they’re revealing a picture of Rhona Mitra (as Eden Sinclair) lovingly inserting her sword into a gaping virus carrier (Leanne Liebenberg) who also happens to be one of FHMs 100 Easiest To Convince Clothes Are Overrated Sexiest, whatever that means. I’m just pleased to know in a grim future ravaged by killer viruses and the wussies who succumb to them, boob jobs and resultant cleavage are alive and well. Oh, and dominatrix fashion, too.

Doomsday hits screens in the UK December 1 of this year, after which Neil Marshall begins work on the Roman soldier MIA pic The Ninth Legion. North Americans with faith in Marshall to deliver another fun ride ala his first two feature films will have to suck it until some undisclosed date in 2008.

If you’d like to see this photo in more detail (to confirm it’s really for Doomsday and not BloodRayne Part 2), visit here. If this size works for you, congratulations on your eyesight.