The Lone Ranger gallops towards theaters, having conquered a few shut-downs and shaved down budgets, and it’s about time we see something other than Johnny Depp’s silly bird hat, don’t you think?

While you might have guessed so at first glance, these images don’t come from Bruckheimer’s instagram feed. These come from USA Today and are some of our first looks at the spectacle and environments of The Lone Ranger. I do like the rich, desaturated look going on here, but no doubt it’s going to be natural for those who like to ‘gram out pictures of their cats and desserts as well. Supposedly –despite the gritty look– this film is a sarcastic comedy and it will feature Jack White’s plucking in its score against all the inflated action, so I’ve still got my fingers crossed for something fun.

Theaters will get dusty next year on May 31st.


via Total Film