The fellow above isn’t pissed because Madmartigan escaped again but because he’s one of many human beings in a world before Christianity and broadband internet access. I’d be angry too. Imagine downloading an episode of Dexter at 14.4 baud or worse yet, while being raped by folks with jutting foreheads. That is life twelve thousand years ago, people. He’s [sweetheart in the picture] one of many bipeds in Roland Emmerich’s upcoming 10,000 B.C. who we see living and breathing and dealing with sabre-toothed tigers and mastodons. It’s weird to see films like this being so grand and bombastic even after the Tolkien flicks and 300 showed us that massive hordes smashing together is cool and sexy. Are we seeing a new era in historial and biblical epics or are the guys who grew up in the shadow of Gary Gygax taking over Hollywood? Either way, get ready for more sweaty men swinging weapons and scantily-clad women cowering in fear.

No, I’m not having another one of those parties. This film is coming, people.

Chalk it up to cynicism and numerous FX heavy commercials and Dynasty Warriors games, but I find it harder and harder to get the excitement up for stuff like this, especially since 10,000 B.C. is not really a time period where we have a lot of eyewitness accounts. The director of The Day After Tomorrow in charge of the first big budget film on the subject raises a few warning flags.

Then again, it’s a summer movie. March 2008 might as well be considered summer, right?

Emmerich’s had an interesting career, managing to be a tentpole director amidst pretty rough Hollywood conditions. Whether you dig his work or not, he’s remained relevant. This is almost like a small film for him because while it is FX driven, the biggest star power this thing’s touting is Cliff Curtis.

A quick peek at the Wikipedia entry for the time period brings some interesting things up. Most importantly, goats were domesticated. Additionally, pottery went from being a pipe dream to being a kitchen table staple. Also, the two creatures featured prominently in the trailer went extinct. Oops.

Since Cliff Curtis is in this thing, I can’t not be excited a little bit but when I am reminded of Apocalypto fear fills my loins.