Note to publicists: this extremely NSFW clip from Cashback shall be considered the gold standard for CHUD-linked promotional materials henceforth. If you cannot favor us with this much gratuitous nudity, please don’t bother. Important: this does not apply to Calendar Girls II: Gravity’s Sorrow.

If this clip triggers a glimmer of recognition, it’s probably because you’ve seen the Academy Award winning short on which it was based. In that incarnation, Sean Willis’s "Cashback" was an amusing, visually assured riff on the old minimum wage ennui as experienced and exploited by a young supermarket employee. Will it work as a ninety-minute feature? I’ll be finding out next week, but if it doubles up on the boobs ‘n bush, I will judge it a successful expansion sight unseen!

Cashback stars Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood from them Henry Potter pictures) and Emilia Fox (the cellist from The Pianist), both of whom were in the short, and is once again written and directed by Mr. Willis. It opens in limited release on July 20th. You have been promised tits. You could do worse.